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By joining the Prime Forex Trading FREE signal copying service you have taken the first great step on what will be a fantastic journey, to possibly supplement your income or even potentially provide you a direct income in the future.  

At Prime Forex Trading we serious about trading and we are serious about making our money work for us and we thought that you would want your money to be working for you too, rather than sat in an account earning very little doing nothing. 

We offer a completely free service where you can copy our trading directly into your trading account, using our broker, you can start with the minimum balance (see signal descriptions for more information) or invest a greater sum and the smart set up will adjust the trading to suit the size of your balance. 

All our trading is on live accounts and are fully verified by leading independent websites for complete transparency. This is not a get rich quick approach to trading rather a measured and considered look at the Forex market with the aim of making consistent and steady profit.   

If you change your mind or decided this is not for you then you can cancel at anytime, it is entirely up to you.

By copying our signals you will not only be getting brilliant results with built in money management created over many years of experience and education but peace of mind with the ever increasing balance. 

Perfect for Beginners & People with Limited Time

If this is the case then this approach is perfect for you. A very simple and straightforward set up, which can be completed in around 15 minutes or less. 

You can even set up your own independent monitoring signal to check your progress against ours.

So sit back and watch the trades progress and remember to follow the investment strategy. 

Live signal performance

Below is a snap shot of the performance to date of the signals on offer to follow from this website.

The first summary shows the following:-

  1. Total growth in %
  2. Average monthly growth in %
  3. Profit factor which shows how many times the gross profit exceeds the gross loss
  4. Number of days the signal has been active
  5. Risk / Reward ratio

The second summary shows the monthly profit results as a percentage

All the data below is LIVE so when it happens on the trading accounts the stats below are updated.

Blue Rock signal

Tower signal


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First Rate Technical Analysis

First Rate Technical Analysis

High performance with long term signals verified by industry leading websites. 

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First Rate Technical Analysis

First Rate Technical Analysis

First Rate Technical Analysis

Creating new innovative strategies and keeping our existing strategies on point at all times. By thorough first rate technical analysis. 

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First Rate Technical Analysis

Full Expert Support

We are hear for you as when you succeed we succeed. Contact us with a question or query whenever you have one and we will get back to you and support you all the way.